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Bruce L. Mouser

Bruce L. Mouser

  • American citizen. Indiana University (1959-1962, 1964-1972, PhD 1972).
  • Studied at University in Nigeria-Nsukka (1967).
  • Fulbright at International Christian University (Tokyo, 1964) and American University of Cairo (Cairo, 1989).
  • Professor, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, History Department (1968-1996, retired 1996).
  • Visiting Professor, MARA Institut Teknologi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1986-1988).
  • Specialty: transition from slave trading to legitimate commerce in Rivières du Sud-Guinée (Nunez, Pongo, Konkouré, Iles de Los — 1790-1860); caravan commerce; exploration; British expansion.

Mouser has published widely in:

  • Journal of African History
  • International Journal of African Historical Studies
  • History in Africa
  • Journal of African Religions
  • The Mariner's Mirror
  • Mande Studies
  • Revue française d'histoire d'outre-mer
  • Cahier d'études africaines
  • Bulletin de l'IFAN

He published three monographs in the Leipzig Papers on African Studies; five in the African Studies Series of the University of Wisconsin-Madison African Studies Program; and one each with Indiana University Press, American University Press, and African World Press. He continues his studies of trading families in the Rio Pongo and has recently written a novel, Black Ivory: Recollections of an African Slave Trader.



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Older publications

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